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We are exclusive agents of several European and American imported high-grade metal materials, which make us a professional metal roof system company, focus on roof system design, materials supply, component processing, and metal roof (curtain wall) installation.

  • titanium panel

  • copper

  • titanium zinc panel

  • Aluminium alloy

Material properties
■ roofing and curtain wall construction applications: Titanium roll, panel, composite panels and tube. Panel is the most commonly used, with typical thickness from 0.4mm to 1mm, and the width can be up to 1219.20mm.
 ■ The specific gravity of titanium is 4.51 g / cm3, which is 60% of steel, half of copper and 1.7 times of aluminum. The load of Titanium is lighter in construction systems as a lightweight metal. 
■ Titanium panel is easy to process and easy to install.
Titanium is a chemical element, with “Ti” as the chemical symbol, and 22 as atomic number. Titanium is a silver-white transition metal, which is characterized by light weight, high strength, metallic luster, and good corrosion resistance. Due to its good stable chemical properties such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-acid, anti-alkali and high strength, low density, it is considered as the "space metal".
On the basis of the original surface modification of the original titanium panel, significant spectral effects and dynamic crystal effects are produced through the anodic oxidation treatment, changing the color and texture to meet the special color usage requirements.
Metal roof & curtain wall material - titanium panel
Oxidation treatment
The objects made of copper and bronze, such as weapons, sculptures and coins, have survived the vicissitudes of more than 5,000 years, which is also the proof of the ancient civilizations, and also reflect the extraordinary stability and corrosion resistance of such metals and alloys. Copper roof and curtain wall applications can be traced back to the middle Ages in Central Europe; the oldest and complete copper roof was built in 1280 for HeldDem's church in German. As hand-held workshops are replaced by industrialized continuous roll production, the use of copper in the construction industry has far exceeded the sum of past centuries.
With the development of science and technology, except natural oxidation, pretreatment technology can be used to modify the original surface of the original copper panels through pre-passivation treatment technology or alloy technology, to get color and texture in advance which would take so long time from the original copper, which would offer customers more color choices.
Oxidation treatment
The Nordic original copper (copper) is a finished rolled steel product, without any additional processing on the surface. The product has the red sheen as pure copper, which, with decades of exposure to the natural environment, turns to dark brown and eventually to stable copper green.
Material properties
Pre-oxidation technology treatment
Metal roof & curtain wall material - copper
Titanium Zinc panel has been used in Europe for more than a century. It is also widely used in large cities in Europe. Such as Paris in France, London in England, Rome in Italy and many other cities. So many historic buildings use titanium zinc plate as the roofing material.
■Elongation of Titanium zinc panels is 2.2x10-2mm / mx, and tensile strength 150Mpa. 
■ Excellent ductility, particularly easy to processing and bending (minimum bend radius at 0,3 m), which can be processed to all shapes.
■ such as curved arc, oval, slope top, a combination of a variety of special-shaped, spherical, stars, concave, dome and so on. 
■ environment-friendly products with natural and beautiful color.
100% natural crystal ore is fuse to surface of zinc, forming a zinc crystal mixed color layer with thickness at 30 ~ 60UM, which makes a colorful rainbow color. With mineral crystal inerting technology on the same crust as zinc, activity of this crystalline mineral element would be reduced, and the rate of its decomposition would be also greatly reduced while retaining its useful life.
Metal roof & curtain wall material - titanium zinc panel
Titanium Zinc panel has been used in Europe for more than a century. It is also widely used in large cities in Europe. Such as Paris in France, London in England, Rome in Italy and many other cities. So many historic buildings use titanium zinc plate as the roofing material.
Titanium is a non-ferrous metal that can be recycled, without causing any pollution to the environment. At present, people are extremely concerned about environmental protection, the imported titanium zinc panels from Europe and the United States are actually a "remarkable" building material.
Spain titanium zinc panel| rainbow color system
Material properties
Aluminum magnesium manganese alloy panel
Metal aluminum is divided into 10 series, and 3000 series are mainly used for aluminum roofing, such as: AA3003, AA3004, AA3005, the alloy temper is H41, H44 and H46. Of 5000 series of aluminum magnesium manganese alloy, magnesium alloy elements are greatly increased, to make it more strength, to resistant the wind and typhoons.
Material properties
■&Higher tensile strength      ■ Good formability      ■ Good weatherability     ■ uniform beautiful appearancenbsp
The surface of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plate is generally be fluorocarbon coated (PVDF), to make it good corrosion resistance, colorful surface, highlighted decorative effect.
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