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Our company owns the sole high-efficiency, lightweight, flexible all-back-field monocrystalline solar module with easier stringing, easier installation, flexible financial leasing and full integration of roof tiles and focus on excellent appearance of roof in the world; (not to pursue output power, but consider ease of use more). PV modules integrated to traditional building materials market (standard), with international and national standards for the high level applicable standards of construction, can be widely used in the military, aerospace, UAV field. The conversion efficiency of module is 19%. The module could generate power even with weak light; the average daily power generation time is longer; the service life can be up to 25 years and so on.

  • QDS quick deployment system

  • Photovoltaic parking

60% Lighter
Produces more energy
Enables 30% more panels per roof
5 times faster to install
Quick 快速     deployment 部署      system 系统
Using our innovative modified PBT polyester material, to achieve the strength and load requirement: lighter! 60% lighter than traditional solar PV modules! Weight is an extremely important and rigid technical indicator in the rooftop solar market. In construction standards, weight load is an extremely serious area. QDS, through its unique product design, application of new materials (modified PBT polyester), aerodynamics Design, wind load design calculation and other innovative thinking, achieve a major breakthrough of safe, reliable, lightweight of solar.
Most suitable for flexible roof and flat roop  Installation way of QDS fold bracket module
Hook & Swing System
QDS quick deployment system
Low cost, low weight, fast installation, modular system 
Easy to install 
Quick and efficient 
Safe and anti-wind 
Convenient to install &uninstall
Component advantage
product details
With adjustable angle bracket, foldable design
Photovoltaic parking
Splicing on ground 
 one time lifting 
convenient construction