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Radiant (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. is a large group company, which has joint stock and holding

 companies all across China and has also set foot in USA, Singapore and etc. Its businesses 

cover a wide range of fields. 

Radiant has been fixing at the development direction of Chinese construction technology, 

seeking  breakthroughs and development in construction technology and new energy  industry. 

On the pathway of being pragmatic while struggling for strong, Radiant constantly exploits 

and innovates and has obtained certain achievement.

Radiant not only highly concerned about the development trend of China's new energy industry, 

but also understand the future developing direction and targets of China's energy field, 

especially focus on promoting the photovoltaic industry, technological progress and industrial

 upgrading as a priority; at the same time, Radiant supports to provide specialized market for 

advanced technology products to promote the industry with quality and efficiency.

In February 2012, Radiant successfully acquired ASCENT SOLAR (NASDAQ: ASTI), becoming the 

largest controlling shareholder of ASCENT SOLAR.

ASCENT SOLAR is the only one all over the world which can produce CIGS flexible thin film 

solar module on plastic.After two decades of R&D, Ascent Solar, set up in 2005, dedicates 

itself in the commercialization of CIGS solar cells. 

Time Magazine Selected Ascent as one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2011.

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