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After nearly 20 years of rapid growth, the company has accumulated a large number of achievements and experiences, with more than 10 sets of the world's advanced mobile processing center, and has become one of the most well-known strength of enterprises in China's construction metal maintenance system industry, especially is ranked first in the country in the metal roofing and wall systems of real estate industry.

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Excellent roof overall effect

Elegant appearance

Product features

Elegant appearance:Roof panel rib is seamed at 360 degrees, with thin lines, elegant and no effects on the roof design.


Strong Watertight: Metal roof panels are vertical automatically seamed by mechanical force with double folding edge. Panels fit closely, with strong watertight, can effectively prevent drizzle invasion. No need of chemical caulking for waterproof seal, eliminates the pollution and leakage caused by gel aging.

Thoroughly solve the problem of metal expansion and contraction: the metal roof panels is connected to supporting layer by L-shaped stainless steel fasteners; through pulling the long groove in the middle of the plate ribs, the panels are fastened; L-shaped stainless steel fasteners and vertical metal roof panels can be synchronized displaced, without limit from expansion and contraction of sliding fastener, which is a good way to counteract the thermal stress caused by expansion and contraction of the panels, adjusting to expansion and contraction of the long vertical roof panels, to completely change the situation that large area of metal roof will be expanded because of the temperature difference, that the metal roof would not be cracked, deformed and abrased by the impact of the stress on the roof panels.
Using specialized vertical edger equipment and automatic seamer, two prefabricated panels with vertical edge standing along the longitudinal direction, leave the roof connected as a whole by a double folding lock. There is no exposed perforation and screws on standing seamed metal roof surface to do harm to water performance for roof panel.
Implicit fasteners fixing roof
360° double standing seam of metal roof has been used in Europe for over several hundred years. One project in Europe constructed by Radiant, nearly 20 years passed , no linkage at all so far
Top: double standing seam
Follow Germany technology Matching specialist strong aluminum alloy clip
Wind resistance Report
In recent years, the popular long span roof structure standing seam roof system was overturned several times, which triggered a national metal roof technical safety inspection and reinforcement measures! In order to solve this security risk, Radiant used a variety of different anti-wind measures. Among them, the improvement of the strengthening roofing panels, fundamentally solve the problem of wind uplift problem with wind resistant class at 11.5kPa

Less impact from expansion and shrinkage of panels

Solving expansion and shrinkage of metal panels

Strong anti-wind uplift

No impact on the insulation, waterproof film and vapor film in the process of installation

Easy to install

Easy to carry

 Materials applicable: copper plates, titanium zinc plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum, magnesium and manganese alloy plates, steel plates, etc. 
 Thickness of material : 0.7mm-1.0mm 
 The minimum roof drainage slope is 3% 
 The turning radius of roof plate shall be more than 1 meter
System advantages
Product adaptability
Features of Double seam high rib roofing system

Implicit fasteners fixing roof


    Strong Watertight

product details
Technical points Height of panel rib: 25-32mm 
Width of panel: 330-430mm 
Slope of drainage:≥7 
Materials applicable: copper plates, titanium zinc plates, aluminum, magnesium and manganese alloy plates, steel plates, etc.
Standing seam (short) roofing system
Standing seam (Short) system is more suitable for small-span, unique shape of the metal part of the building roof, especially the metal roof buildings with large drainage slope, such as art centers, villas. Due to the panel rib is not high, elegant style, especially suit for metal roof part of building with close even zero distance visible surface.
Cornice | closing way:
Fixed mode
Technical points
A. The overall structural waterproof, drainage features 
B. Structure is simple, lightweight, safe 
C. Construction and installation is flexible, fast, accurate and economical 
D. No silicone caulking, pollution and aging problems
E. Natural circulation ventilation structure, to extend the life of the building 
F. Three-dimensional curved shape
A. Mainly for long-span self-supporting close-fitting installation system 
B. support hidden under the panel, the roof without any perforations 
C. the connection way of seaming side and bearings solve the panel stress from thermal expansion and contraction. 
D. continuous and non-overlapping roof panels, which can be continuous laying from the ridge to the eaves.
Product advantages
The core of seaming points supporting standing seam roof system is special plate-shaped metal panel based on standing seam design; this design is mainly for long-span supporting type mounting system. No any perforation on the roof, because the support is hidden under the panel. Panels are connected by unique aluminum bearings, and the seaming process is fully automatically done by the machine. It can produce super long dimensions panels without any deformation due to stress. At the same time complete supply of accessories could meet the requirements of various forms of construction. The system turns any idea of an architect into reality, and building technology will no longer become shackles of architectural creativity.
Materials applicable: copper plates, titanium zinc plates, aluminum, magnesium and manganese alloy plates, steel plates, etc. 
Thickness of material : 0.6mm-1.2mm 
The minimum roof drainage slope is 7% (≥3°) 
The height of roof panel rib is 65-80mm, and length of roof plate shall be no more than 160 meters, and the width of plate should not be exceeded 600mm 
The turning radius of roof plate shall be more than 2.6m-3 meter Roof base course including Steel structure, steel concrete structure, concrete structure, wood structure and so on
The core of seaming points supporting standing seam roof system
Product details
Tile flat lock system has developed a whole new scene for the pursuit of innovation in architecture. The optical effects produced by this system are especially noticeable on a large area of the curtain wall. The layout of the panel directly affects the visual effect. Therefore, the system mainly adopts a vertical or approximately vertical installation direction. The vertical lines can enhance the upward extensibility of the building, while the horizontal seams can enhance the structure of building's deepening on the ground. Obviously, the ideas of architects have led our vision to another level. Common applied areas include roof windows, chimneys and roof edges. Flat lock system not only applies to the roof, can also be used for curtain wall, which is widely welcomed.
Tile flat lock system